Jim Young and Sailing

HO Sailor Originally learned to sail on Inland Scows – M, E, A – on Lake Winnebago, at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in the early 1960’s.

Moved on to single-handed (Butterfly, Laser, Force 5) and multihull (Hobie 14 and 18, 18 Sq Meter, NACRA 5.5sl, Tornado) boats. Still races as coaching schedule allows, by begging/borrowing whatever boat might be available.

US Sailing Team member in the Tornado Class in the late ’70’s (remember the ’80 Olympic boycott?)

Finished “in the hardware” in 12 different classes in many National and North American events, in both catamarans and monohulls; won 20+ National and North American Championships; 4-time participant in US Sailing’s Championship of Champions (3 as invited helmsman, once as crew), two-time O’Day finalist.

Jim and Penny on ICE

Jim and crew Penny Robinson racing on Jim’s Tornado catamaran in late 1980. Oshkosh Daily Northwestern photo

Assorted offices held: Commodore, Oshkosh Yacht Club (2 terms); Commodore, National Butterfly Association (2); President, US Tornado Association (4); member, US Olympic Yachting Committee (4);Vice President, International Tornado Association(4); President, International Sailing Coaches Association (8); Vice-Chairman, North American Formula 18 Class Association (4); President, International NACRA F18 Class Association (6).

Assorted jobs/positions: General Chairman for many events, local to North American level, including 4 Nationals; Editor-in-Chief, CENTURY OF SAIL ON WINNEBAGO, the Centennial Yearbook and history of the Oshkosh Yacht Club (1969); Oshkosh Yacht Club Sailing School Director, late 60’s through the 70’s; Judging from the local to international level – US Sailing Senior Judge, ’84-’94; Founding Director of the Sportsmedicine Program for the US Olympic Yachting Committee, ’82-’84; member, International Sailing Federation Coaches Working Group, 2003-04.

Articles on sailing published in many US magazines, in Switzerland, and in Japan, plus internet reporting for a number of sites including Sailing World.

Racing on Jim's M16

Jim with local crew racing on his M16 in 1997 on Lake Minnetonka, MN


US Sailing Team, 81-84, 89 – Tornado Class coach, Assist. Team Coach
Swiss Sailing Team, 90-96, Head Coach, ’02-’04, Coaching Consultant
Private coaching, continuous part-time since ’85, full time 97-present.

• US Tornado Coach, 2 World Championships with Randy Smyth/Jay Glaser, ’81 and ’82
• Assistant US Team Coach 81-84, Tornado plus additional work with sailboard (Windglider), Finn, 470, Soling
• Head Coach/Team Leader, US Sailing Team at the 1983 Pan American Games in Venezuela (8 medals in 10 events)
• Assistant Coach/Training Center Director (at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club) 1984 US Olympic Yachting Team (boat specialties Tornado, Finn, Soling) – best Olympic Sailing result ever, by any country, 4 Silver and 3 Gold in 7 events
• Head Coach, Swiss Sailing Team from 1990-1996 including the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona (Best-ever Swiss results in Finn, Flying Dutchman) and 1996 Olympic Games in Savannah (first-ever Swiss Olympic race win, in Tornado), with class specialties Tornado, Laser, Finn, Star, FD, with some work in the other Olympic classes, and again as Coaching Consultant to the Swiss Sailing Team prior to the Athens Olympics in 2004.
• During 2001-4, had two international training groups preparing for the Athens Olympics, in the Finn and 49er classes; the sailors from the Finn group finished 5th and 6th in Athens, while the 49er sailors finished 5th and 9th.

In late 1996, was one of the founding partners in SailCoach Associates (now Sailcoach Foundation), an international coaching consultancy headquartered in the UK (since moved to France), with a variety of coaching products aimed at both elite sailors and international federations; regularly conducts training camps in a variety of boats, plus coaches education seminars. Work has been with Tornado, Laser, 49er, Finn, and 470, with some other catamaran work, especially youth and developmental projects. The sailors countries have included USA, CAN, SUI, AUS, BEL, BRA, DEN, NED, NZL, ISR and GBR, with additional work supporting coaches from RUS and UKR.

Since late in 2004, under the name of Jim Young Sailing, has run a number of Youth projects, including a special club level coach/instructor training program developed by Jim for overseas use but since presented at a number of USA clubs. In addition to a variety of international catamaran youth coaching projects in 4 different countries, Jim regularly runs training clinics and camps for junior Opti, Butterfly and 420 sailors in the USA, and offers consulting services to clubs on Youth programs.

Areas of expertise; coaching, including psychological, boathandling, technical and tactical skills, race management (race committee + judging), event management, youth programs.

Jim holds a US Coast Guard Masters License (50 GT, Near Coastal with Towing endorsement) so that all of his activities in motorboats chasing sailboats all over the lakes and oceans of the world are both safe and legal.

Jim has also worked as the Domestic Cross Country Development Coach and head of Coaches Education for the US Ski Team, and was Head Coach of the US Biathlon Team. His skiing background is available on Jim’s menu on the right.