Wood Carving

Laser Trohpy for Oshkosh Yacht Club Nancy’s woodcarving is primarily bas-relief carving – shallow carving into a wood surface to leave the image standing out in relief, such as the trophy on the left, done for the Oshkosh (WI) Yacht Club’s Laser fleet as a perpetual trophy with ‘wings’ on the sides for the engraving plates. Most of her wood work has been for trophies for events, both sailing and skiing, but she has also done pieces for anniversaries or other personal events.
Below are a few more samples of her work, again most are trophies. Note the various styles, both deeper carving using the wood itself to create ‘texture’ in the carving, and shallower carving using color to bring out highlights.
Junior Butterfly trophy for the Western Michigan Yachting Association

A perpetual junior trophy for the Western Michigan Yachting Association done by Nancy in 2003. Similar style as the trophy at the top of the page, with folding wings for the engraving plates to attach, on this trophy the brass plates are already in place (note the reflections).

Trophy table at the2008 Butterfly Single-Handed National Championship in WI

Nancy made the whole set of awards for this 2008 sailing event in Wisconsin. Notice the different style, shallow outline carving then using color to create the highlights. Since the mid-70’s, she has made the full set of awards for 10 National sailing championships and one North American Championship, most of them as bas-relief wood carving, two as wood-inlays.

This is an anniversary clock – can you see the antique metal clock hands, showing a few minutes after 2? – done as an anniversary present for her inlaws. Note the use of wood stain to highlight the features. Bas relief wood clock